Welcome To Atinka

At Atinka Restaurant time actually slows down. Enjoy the light as it streams through tall windows, ramble through our menu, and enjoy the savor of the variety of local and continental dishes.

At Atinka we give you a Great Dinning experience from Morning till Evening and even Late at night.( 24 Hour Service) Enjoy our sumptuos variety of Meals on display during our daily Breakfast Buffet.

Thinking of Lunch, Atinka can assure you of quality , Well prepared Meals in no more than 15 mins.

Delivery available upon request.

Dinner Time just got better. It is not just about Dinning. Its a whole experience as you savour our Local and continental Cusine.

For dinner, if you have forgotten just how good simple food can taste, we haven’t. We take dining seriously, and our Chef only handles the freshest of ingredients. Dining at Atinka is an experience you’ll want to share.

For better information on banguetes and other get togethers contact :

Email :    mob: 0544313105




* 24 Hour Reception
* Free Wi-fi Service
* Business Centre
* Satelite TV available