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Dear Valued Guest,
Paloma Hotel would like to assure that we are taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety and that our employees against COVID-19 whiles you transact business with us.

Together we stay protected!

To protect our guests the Hotel have put in place the following measures.
1. Reminding our guest always of the importance of washing hands frequently.
2. Provided good alcohol based sanitizers containing over 60% alcohol at vantage points.
3. Disinfect doorknobs, elevator buttons, television and air condition remotes, tables, and reception counters etc. frequently.
4. Precautionary notices are place at vantage point to remind our guest on the need to prevent it.

a. Constant washing hands frequently.
b. Disinfecting doorknobs, elevator buttons, television and air condition remotes , tables and reception counters frequently
c. Using alcohol based sanitizers frequently
d. Constant personal cleanliness
e. Protective gear to prevent the spread of virus.
f. Constant Staff screening.

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Monday 16th March 2020